The openable skylight

This glass skylight is also glued with profiles made of fiberglass. The opening casement is opened with an electric chain motor. As a result, the fresh air supply is guaranteed at all times and heat accumulation in the summer can be avoided.


  • max. size upt to approx. 3.0 m2 (depending on glass weight, glass structure and snow load)
  • with electric chain motor hardly visible from the inside
  • tested air permeability and watertightness (ift Rosenheim)
  • prefabricated in the factory - comes as a finished element on the site
  • With triple heat protection glass and anti-break-through VSG (laminated safety glass)


  • U-value glass: Ug ≥ 0.5 W/m2K (acc. EN 673)
  • U-value frame: Uf = 1.11 W/m2K
  • U-value skylight: USL = 1.10 W/m2K (depending on size)
  • g-value glass: 15 bis 60% (acc. EN 410)